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Happy Xmas Audio Card 2017


Following our annual tradition of over ten years, The Real Tuesday Weld’s Seasonal 'Audio Christmas Card' comes packaged as a limited edition greetings card containing a mini-cd with four exclusive tracks,  a download token for the digital files.

The beautiful full coloured folding card allows you to address the card to someone deserving of your love. 

Each comes with an envelope and can be signed and addressed on request.


Inspired by the Beatles Christmas Fan club records of the 1960s, every year since 2004, The Real Tuesday Weld have produced a limited edition Audio Christmas Card for friends, family and fans. These beautiful little discs have contained unreleased songs, films, messages and spoken word tracks and have become collectors' items. Following a year spent largely in Eastern Europe, this year the theme is Russian. Enjoy magical soundtracks, slightly sour sentimental songs and a strange prose poem to schizophrenia!

Get one for a friend, a lover or just for yourself. Get one signed and addressed. Get a pack of five but most of all, have a very wonderful Christmas.