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Word Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

We love a madly ambitious art project. On this album, Stephen Coates’ art-jazz ensemble provides mistletoe-free music and lycanthropic lyrics to accompany Glen Duncan’s self-explanatory novel The Last Werewolf. Its quite brilliant. Oh, and Piney Gir guests on the album. How circular.

Uncut Review | Lazarus and The Plane Crash | Horseplay | ****

Stephen Coates – aka The Real Tuesday Weld – is generally known for his artful rewiring of antique swing 78′s, so the opening track of his soundtrack to Glen Duncan’s novel, a blood-curdling, throat-shedding howlin’ wolfman blues, is something of a departure. Elsewhere “Love Lust Money”, “The Hunt” and “Tear Us Apart” propose a flappertronic marriage between 1920′s darling Anita Loos and the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennanant.

PopMatters Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf - 5/10

PopMatters introduces us to Glen Duncan and his novel 'The Last Werewolf' & Stephen Coates' musical rendering of the latter. This music review, published by the international online magasine, takes a look at the matching public profiles of both author Duncan and artist Coates, and how their literary and musical geniuses combined is a recipe for a heavenly mix!

Crammed Discs Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

The Real Tuesday Weld's album 'The Last Werewolf' takes Glen Duncan's novel as the backdrop for a widescreen emotional cabaret tailor-made for the iTunes generation, for the album is both a high-concept soundtrack plus a diverse playlist for the eclectic of ear and heart, all held within the band's own genre 'Antique Beat'.

BBC Radio 4's Front Row | The Real Tuesday Weld & Glen Duncan

Front Row’s Kirsty Lang talks to Glen Duncan and Stephen Coates about The Last Werewolf – broadcast on Tues 16th Aug.

Soundcheck Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

"Stephen Coates really got into this Last Werewolf project. Maybe a little too into it. Taking Glen Duncan’s novel of the same name as his inspiration, he’s created not only one of my favorite records this year but also a playlist of werewolf songs."

Flavorpill Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs For The Last Werewolf

The novel, described as “sexy, violent, and civilized,” centers on the titular werewolf discovering at last another like him, to join in fighting the anti-supernatural corporations threatening his species. Duncan reads from The Last Werewolf while Stephen Coates, of the Real Tuesday Weld, performs from the soundtrack — both of which are on sale.

Mashable's Turntable Room | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

Today Coates will be hitting the decks, promoting his new album 'The Last Werewolf', which is simultaneously the soundtrack to a book by the same name, written by Glen Duncan.

Picks of the Week | WNYC | The Real Tuesday Weld |Songs for The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

This Week’s Picks include a young jazz bassist with an eye for classic-pop and a musical tale from the dark side.

KEXP Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

Out this week 12 July 2011. New Album release and video.