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INTERVIEW: The Real Tuesday Weld
By Aug Stone

The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld is rapidly becoming my favourite album of the year, with their “You’re Gonna Live” the best song released this year and “Tear Us Apart” not far behind. I first became aware of the songwriting genius of Mr. Stephen Coates ten years ago when I was running the….

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Posted on Monday 14th November 2011


The Real Tuesday Weld – Time Out

Literate, jazzy art-pop/cabaret practitioners headline this rather special event, by performing from their new album, ‘The Last Werewolf’ which is a soundtrack to the book of the same name by horror merchant Glen Duncan, who will here be reading extracts. Also features a set from TMR, whose new record is based around ghost stories, and performance poet Alabaster de Plume. Plus pumpkin carving, face-painting and cake, with a free gift for all those who come in suitably creepy fancy dress.

Posted on Saturday 29th October 2011


Americana UK – 7/10

Jonathan Aird
Sunday, 23 October 2011
The Real Tuesday Weld “Songs for The Last Werewolf”
Crammed discs, 2011

Bad Moon Rising
Is this the way of the future, a multi-media listening and reading experience? “Songs for The Last Werewolf” is an album of music inspired by Glen Duncan’s book of the same title. It sits somewhere between the soundtrack of a non-existent movie, adding atmosphere to the unfilmed scenes, and with the mixture of music and snatches of spoken word – presumably dialogue from the novel – a musical interpretation of the novel. Here though the music tells the story arc by itself that it could stand alone well enough without these additional narrative hints.
It’s an intoxicating blend of Bohemian jazz, twenties crooning, electronica and more, which creates a fantastic realm of mist filled streets haunted by the full moon. The world it creates for the narrative is part burlesque club and part Bladerunner; there’s a dash of Beefheartian blues thrown in on the howling “Wolfman” and the gorgeous nocturne of “The Lupine Waltz” conjuring up a turn of the nineteenth century decadence.

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Posted on Sunday 23rd October 2011


Subba-Cultcha review 10/10

The Real Tuesday Weld
Songs For The Last Werewolf

Perfect and dazzling latest release from the Clerkenwell Kid and his band of Merry Men – The Real Tuesday Weld – return with part-theatrical retelling of the Glen Duncan Book THE LAST WEREWOLF and part mythical Musical mystery tour through genres and rabbit-holes eternal…


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Posted on Thursday 6th October 2011


Word – cover CD

The Real Tuesday Weld (I Always Kill) The Things I Love

From album Songs For The Last Werewolf out 10 October.

We love a madly ambitious art project. On this album, Stephen Coates’ art-jazz ensemble provides mistletoe-free music and lycanthropic lyrics to accompany Glen Duncan’s self-explanatory novel The Last Werewolf. Its quite brilliant. Oh, and Piney Gir guests on the album. How circular.

Posted on Saturday 1st October 2011


The Sun review – 4/5

British sonic adventurer Stephen Coates once had a dream about an American film star Tuesday Weld and subsequently named his band after her.

He deals in the retro sounds he calls “antique beat” and draws on cabaret, jazz and classical music while adding minimal electronica for a sophisticated modern twist.

Coates’ latest project serves as a soundtrack to a werewolf book by Glen Duncan yet comes across as an enthralling, nerve-shredding and coherent set piece in its own right.

The rabid blues of Wolfman is a striking departure though elsewhere the music hall atmosphere returns with fine guest vocals from The Puppini Sisters, Piney Gir and Pinkie Maclure. Aahhoo!

Posted on Saturday 1st October 2011


The Independent review – 4/5

The Real Tuesday Weld, Songs for the Last Werewolf (Crammed Discs)
(Rated 4/ 5 )
By Andy Gill

An audio soundtrack for Glen Duncan’s novel The Last Werewolf, this offers plenty of scope for songwriter Stephen Coates to indulge his love of period musical combinations.

The fulcrum on which the conceit pivots is that of murderous love, the werewolf’s terrible fate……

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Posted on Friday 30th September 2011


Uncut Review – 4/5

Songs For The Last Werewolf
Crammed Disks
September 2011
Songs for swinging lycanthropes from Clerkenwell’s Cole Porter
Stephen Coates – aka The Real Tuesday Weld – is generally known for his artful rewiring of antique swing 78′s, so the opening track of his soundtrack to Glen Duncan’s novel, a blood-curdling, throat-shedding howlin’ wolfman blues, is something of a departure. Elsewhere “Love Lust Money”, “The Hunt” and “Tear Us Apart” propose a flappertronic marriage between 1920′s darling Anita Loos and the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennanant. But the best things may be the most familiar: the wolfy waltzes “I Always Kill The Things I Love” and “The Ghosts”, and the dark side of the croon “Save Me”, featuring the sublime Pinkie Maclure.
Stephen Trousse

Posted on Tuesday 27th September 2011


Front Row with The Real Tuesday Weld & Glen Duncan

Front Row’s Kirsty Lang talks to Glen Duncan and Stephen Coates about The Last Werewolf – broadcast on Tues 16th Aug and available to replay here on iplayer.

Posted on Tuesday 16th August 2011


A Werewolf’s Playlist by John Schaefer

Stephen Coates really got into this Last Werewolf project. Maybe a little too into it. Taking Glen Duncan’s novel of the same name as his inspiration, he’s created not only one of my favorite records this year but also a playlist of werewolf songs.

To read the full article read here at Souncheck

Posted on Monday 15th August 2011