Night Owl Brooch




Like his albino sister Snow Owl, this feller is the perfect accompaniment for a nocturnal jaunt.
Silent but deadly with one eye watchfully open.

Pin Night Owl to your clothes or hang him from your christmas tree and you are guaranteed to start a seasonal conversation.

The Night Owl Brooch has been lovingly hand stitched by Koo using, velvet, fabric, embroidery thread, a button and a silver plated pin which has been securely stitched in the back. Each brooch comes gift wrapped.

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Product Features:
• Unique Gift
• Perfect Stocking Filler
• Materials: velvet, thread, recycled button eye, silver plated pin
• Size: 5cm by 5cm (as each one is unique please bear in mind that the eyes & the dimensions will vary).
• Gift wrapped

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Order Night Owl Brooch Night Owl Brooch @ £17.78

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