Seasons Dreaming’s 2013 audio christmas card



01. The Last Stand Of The Clerkenwell Kid

02. Guilty

03. (Return I Will To Old) Brazil

04. I Came Here To Meet Someone But Forgot Who It Was

05. To The Ends Of The Earth

Treat yourself or a friend to a most special and unique Christmas present.

With brand-new music from The Real Weld and following our tradition over eight years, here is a limited edition greetings card.

With a beautiful cover designed by animator Alex Budovsky, the card contains a mini cd and download token for five tracks, including our first release of the much requested (Return I Will to Old) Brazil – the soundtrack to Alex’s amazing video (see below).

Each card comes with an envelope and can be signed on request or dedicated by us and sent to someone on your behalf.

Sets of five are available in an Antique Beat bundle.

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