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Pookie Brooches

Pookie Brooches are so damn stylish and sexy they are guaranteed to draw admirers.

Each brooch is one of a limited edition. They are completely individual and meticulously hand-stitched by Zaza de la Hey, a French – English artist, toymaker and seamstress.

Miss Eostre Pookie Brooch was hatched for the pagan festival of Eostre, a great northern goddess whose symbol was a rabbit or hare.
Dimensions 4.5cm wide x 8.5cm long.

Mr Difalot was worn by English Socialite David Piper in the video to The Real Tuesday Weld song ‘Apart’ and by Stephen from The Real Tuesday Wed in the Puppini Sisters’ video ‘Jilted’.
Dimensions 4.5cm wide x 10cm long.

Petula Precious Pookie Brooch. As modeled by The Clerkenwell Kid, this flower thumbs its nose at life and death.  Pinned on a good jacket, bag, scarf or grave it always provokes spooked delight.
Dimensions 9cm wide x 9cm long

Stan Stringfellow Pookie Brooch. Beachware for the brave? We regularly get stopped and asked to sell this creature whenever we wear one.
Dimensions 4.5cm wide x 10cm long.

Lord Serpentine Pookie Brooch is a guaranteed show stopper when worn with a smart jacket. No voodoo necessary.
Dimensions 4.5cm wide x 10cm long.

Cupie Pookie Brooch. Was Cupid a winged god or a monster as Psyche’s sisters would have had her believe?  Well, you don’t have to decide because this Cupie Brooch is both.  As a gift for your beloved, as a voodoo doll to punish them (or get them back) or even just for you – as an act of self love – this gorgeous little feller, caressed by the loving hands of Zaza, will prick whatever heart he’s near..

Being unique please bear in mind that the colour of the stitching, eyes & the dimensions of each brooch may vary.

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Posted on Thursday 12th June 2014 in Accessories, Zaza de la Hey