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London Alchemy in Brompton Cemetery

This June, following our annual London Month of the Dead celebration, Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation will be returning to Brompton Cemetery with a series of events on the theme of alchemy.

The spirits of magical London characters John Dee, Francis Barrett, Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare (along with their Swiss cousins Paracelsus and Jung) will be evoked by historians, folklorists and practitioners over a weekend in one of the city’s most magnificent seven cemeteries.

Thrill to the music of ‘alchemist of sound' Lydia Kavina (possibly the world’s greatest theremin player) and to tales of transformation performed by Giles Abbot (one of our greatest story tellers) in the candlelit cemetery chapel. And benefit Dead Londoners whilst you do it: each ticket includes a 20% donation toward a host of renovation projects as part of the heritage lottery fund fund appeal for this most precious of London places.

And to help distill your own alchemical spirit, each ticket also includes an bespoke Hendrick's Gin cocktail.

Saturday 4th June from 1:00 to 3:00 pm 
THE LONDON MAGE - John Dee and Francis Barrett

Historian Dr Glyn Parry and champion of fringe science Mark Pilkington investigate the deeply strange and magical lives of two alchemists for whom London itself was was the laboratory. 
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Saturday 4th June from 3:00 to 5:00 pm 
SECRETS AND WISDOM OF THE SORCERERS - Spell Books, Scryers and the Philosopher's Stone
Hear tales of alchemical magic and its secrets as folklorist George Hoyle and historian Owen Davies distill the essence of the grimoire, the philosoper’s stone and the elixir of eternal life into a potent narrative of sorcery in theory and practice.
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Saturday 4th June from 7:00 pm 
Join us for a special and unique candlelit performance by one of the world’s foremost theremin players, the 'alchemist of sound‘ Lydia Kavina, as she performs a selection of themes inspired by magic and mystery.
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Sunday 5th June from 1:00 to 3:00 pm 
MIRROR OF THE SOUL - The Tarot Decks of Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare
London, June 1943: Aleister Crowley publishes the Tarot deck of Thoth. Simultaneously, the deck of artist Austin Osman Spare is placed in the private archive of the Magic Circle where it lies forgotten.   London, June 2016: Speakers Jonathan Allen and Danny Nemu celebrate the London lives and occult legends of Crowley and Spare in the year the latter’s deck has been rediscovered.
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Sunday 5th June from 3:00 to 5:00 pm 
ALCHEMY OF THE PSYCHE - Paracelsus & Jung
Writer Philip Ball and Jungian historian Sonu Shamdasami conjure up the spirits of two of the most significant alchemical visionaries: Paracelsus and Jung. Separated in time by 500 years, but linked by their Swiss birth place, they wandered Europe in parallel explorations of psychic health, science and alchemical symbolism.
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Sunday 5th June from 7:00 pm
TALES OF TRANSFORMATION - Faust and the Sorcerer's Apprentice
As dusk falls in Brompton cemetery the gatekeeper will guide you through the tombstones until you reach the chapel. Find a pew by candlelight, fortify your spirits with a complimentary glass of Hendrick's gin and listen to GILES ABBOTT read a selection of tales of the occult including Goethe’s Faust and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. 
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