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Anti-Music Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | 'Tear Us Apart'

Anti Music
The Real Tuesday Weld: Songs of The Last Werewolf - 'Tear Us Apart'


Today Stephen Coates from The Real Tuesday Weld tells us about “Tear Us Apart” from their brand new album “The Last Werewolf”, which is being released tomorrow! Here is the story:

“All the songs on The Last Werewolf album are inspired by Glen Duncan's book The Last Werewolf, by its characters, relationships and situations. But they are also intended to communicate something wider, something more general and, despite the title, more human. In the case of "Tear us Apart" I wanted to subvert the usual idea in pop songs that love does bad things to us - you know 'only love can break your heart', 'love will tear us apart' and so on.

Instead this song suggests that it is us, or something in us, that does these things to ourselves and to each other. So here, the werewolf, the monster, the alien, the evil twin is the thing which surfaces in a relationship after a while and tries to destroy it, to tear it apart. “


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