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Cat On The Wall Review | Lazarus and The Plane Crash | Horseplay

Lazarus And The Plane Crash 'Horseplay'

Cat On The Wall -  Music and Culture Webzine
by: Jordan Mooney
September 2013


Every so often you can come across an incredible album by happy coincidence. It’s a rare but delightful occurrence, and since I started writing about my interests (these being the usual things such as music, animation, film..um…Victorian Folklore…) it’s becoming increasingly common.

It’s under these circumstances I came across a delightful band that dubs itself, and I quote here, “Garage rock, gypsy jazz, sexual over-excitement, Violence and Torch Song Piano”. If that’s not a winning combination, I don’t know what is.

I found Lazarus and the Plane Crash while researching a study about the Victorian demon and terrifying, bouning, screaming chunk of 1800s folklore, Spring Heeled Jack. This is no lace to plug such things, so I won't, but while researching the subect I came across many alternative songs about this bizarre legend, one which really took my fancy This was a track on the album I am about to review today. It was a time of little money for me so I settled to listening to songs, taking notes an leaving on my merry way. Cue about two months, one hundred plays an I finally get off of my rear end to take purchase of the release.

Patching together a Frankenstein’s monster from Joe Coles of the Guillotines and Stephen Coates, the ‘The Clerkenwell Kid’ of The Real Tuesday Weld, this band is definitely not lacking in talent – and it seems to be on a mission to prove it with possibly the most bizarre set of songs ever to be encoded on a plastic disc.

Ladies and gentlemen, this album is a very, very odd piece, and as a result, simply fantastic. It is insane, rather terrifying in its own right, and should probably be kept under close observation. Regardless, we’re going to enter the padded room face first. Before we begin with the dissection, I have managed to drag Mr. Coles, kicking and screaming in his strapped jacket, into the harsh light of a bulb in the interrogation room… It’d probably we worthwhile warning you all that what follows will be no plain interview. Perhaps best to avoid reading it to the kiddies!


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