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CBS Radio’s “Street Date” | The Real Tuesday Weld | The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

CBS Radio
The Real Tuesday Weld: Songs of The Last Werewolf
July 2011

The Real Tuesday Weld is set to release their 9th studio album, but this one is much different than the previous eight.
 Entitled 'The Last Werewolf', the new record is actually a soundtrack to the book 'The Last Werewolf' written by author Glen Duncan.

This is not the first time this UK band is trying on a new shoe. Their previous album 'I, Lucifer' was also a soundtrack to a Duncan novel.
This new record will include 19 tracks ranging from fourties ballads all the way to electronica. A small tour will begin in July featuring Duncan reading over TRTW’s music (as heard on the album).

The Real Tuesday Weld is most commonly known for their song 'I Love The Rain' which is featured in Chevrolet car commercials. The band also have three songs featured on the videogame L.A. Noire. This public exposure to the band has given them renewed popularity in the music world.

Watch the video for their song 'I Love The Rain' - Chevrolet advert here.