An Idea takes the Form of a Naked Woman and Goes out into the World

Experience the dreamlike magic of the first animated film to deal with big philosophical ideas, accompanied for the first time by a live score accompaniment in the extraordinary surrounds of after-hours Brompton Cemetery Chapel.

"The Idea” takes the form of a naked muse that runs amok, creating mayhem and disorder in her furious foray through a world of men, evading capture and disapproval before returning transformed to her creator.,

Limited early Bird tickets Available

Berthold Bartosch’s allegorical film is a blend of metaphor, fable, and dream-like fantasy and based on the amazing 'Novel without Words' by the pre-eminent woodcut artist Frans Masereel.

Virtuosos Lydia Kavina, one of the world's greatest theremin players and pianist Thomas Ang will play a new score inspired by Swiss composer Arthur Honegger's haunting and groundbreaking original, the first film music to be written for an electronic instrument (the Ondes Martenot). 

This event is part of the LONDON DREAMING weekend and is brought to you in collaboration with Reality Film with an introduction by Marek Pytel

Tickets include a special dream-themed Hendricks Cocktail