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The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

WNYC: Picks of the Week
The Real Tuesday Weld:Songs for The Last Werewolf
by Jon Schaefer
July 2011


"The Real Tuesday Weld brings us a waltz, a torch song, a distorted blues, and a genuinely pretty love song. The album ends with a tune that sounds like it could’ve come from a James Bond movie, if 007 were fighting werewolves.
The Last Werewolf is the latest effort from The Real Tuesday Weld, the oddly-named group led by English singer/songwriter Stephen Coates. Coates’ albums always feature a strange and appealing blend of mid-20th century sounds, from Cole Porter to radio plays like "The Shadow," with a modern sensibility. 
The song “Love Lust Money” celebrates the barely-veiled eroticism of the werewolf, and features the retro sounds of the Puppini Sisters’ Marcella Puppini. "


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