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RCRD LBL | The Real Tuesday Weld | Me and Mr Wolf

The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

The Real Tuesday Weld: Me and Mr Wolf
July 2011.


Real talk: we don’t get cabaret and we don’t get gypsy jazz. All that theatrical stuff makes us uneasy, probably because, as a kid, we were force fed a diet of showtunes by a weirdo great-aunt who never took off her turban. And yet... we like this.

It’s probably the best dinner party music we’ve ever heard. With its whispered dialogue, orchestral turns, gleeful winds and strings, and mild electrobeats, The Real Tuesday Weld's "Me and Mr. Wolf" is a bridge from the generation who digs this kind of thing to the generation who’s never understood it. Count us now in the former, and keep your eyes peeled for The Last Werewolf, coming on Six Degrees, July 12.

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