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The Real Tuesday Weld limited edition audio Christmas card

A very long time ago (I think it was last Tuesday), Stephen put the finishing touches to this year’s The Real Tuesday Weld limited edition audio Christmas card and realised that this was the TWELFTH time he had done so.

Originally inspired by the annual Christmas record The Beatles made for their fan club in the 1960s, we make these for our friends these each year. They contain funny films or spoken word sequences and this time, songs and instrumentals that haven’t been released before.

We always think they hold some of Stephen's best work – and given that he keeps saying he will release a new record soon and then not doing so – they are proof that he is in fact...alive :)


This year's card features our best-loved character THE CROONER and our dear friends THE PUPPINI SISTERS duetting on an unplugged version of the song ‘DON’T GET HIGH NO MORE’ from the upcoming and long awaited animated sequel to The Show Must Go On, Kix and Me and Mr Wolf videos.

It has illustrations of The Crooner by George Fort, comes packaged with a playable mini-cd with four new tracks and a download token for the digital files – plus space for you to address it to someone deserving of your love – and crooning.

Hell, we will even sign it for you if you like.


Only thing is there are only a few and the last posting date for international delivery is 14 December so hurry!.