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Rock'n'Reel Review | Lazarus and The Plane Crash | Horseplay | ***

Lazarus and the Plane Crash Album Horesplay

R2 (Rock'n'Reel) - ***
Lazarus and the Plane Crash - Horseplay
by David Burke
March 2012

The Guillotines’ Joe Coles and The Clerkenwell Kid, the man behind The Real Tuesday Weld.
If I tell you that Horseplay is a hybrid of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Captain Beefheart, Cab Calloway and The Cramps, you’ll know what I mean.
The songs are for the most part riotously danceable, especially ‘The King Of The Village Fete’, ‘The Clay’s A Calling’ and ‘Horn For The Whole Damn World’. But they do pathos-soaked balladry rather well too, as the gorgeous ‘Violent Men’ will testify.
According to Coles, “The words….were all written as they’re sung. It’s important to me that the subconscious is allowed to puke out whatever it wants to.”
Lazarus And The Plane Crash can puke over my sound system any time.