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ABC Book Show | Interview | Glenn Duncan | The Last Werewolf

The Lat Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld & Glen Duncan

Listen to the interview with Glen Duncan and ABC Book Show's Anita Barraud and read the full ABC Book Show article.

RCRD LBL | The Real Tuesday Weld | Me and Mr Wolf

The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

It’s probably the best dinner party music we’ve ever heard. With its whispered dialogue, orchestral turns, gleeful winds and strings, and mild electrobeats, The Real Tuesday Weld's "Me and Mr. Wolf" is a bridge from the generation who digs this kind of thing to the generation who’s never understood it. Count us now in the former, and keep your eyes peeled for The Last Werewolf, coming on Six Degrees, July 12.

Fangoria Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs For The Last Werewolf

The Lat Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

"The album tracks cover a spectrum of styles, from ’30s ballads to gypsy jazz, electro-swing and torch song to minimal electronica, and feature an array of guest vocalists including Joe Coles, Marcella Puppini (Puppini Sisters), Piney Gir and Pinkie Maclure (Pumajaw). In addition, several cuts feature dialogue from the novel, with Duncan among those lending his voice talents."

Enter The Shell Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

Turning our sights from hit-makers and ground-shakers, this week we take a look at the formation of a new type of music that’s slowly making its way into our ear-holes. London-based The Real Tuesday Weld offers up their self-titled “antique-beat” style that’s mixing the likes of early 20th century jazz with electronic beats (it’s also called “electro-swing"). The band is set to release its 7th studio album, 'The Last Werewolf', on the 12th.
As Cyrus (the Warriors) and Booker T once asked:  “can you dig it!?”  Methinks yes.

CBS Radio’s “Street Date” | The Real Tuesday Weld | The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

The Real Tuesday Weld is most commonly known for their song 'I Love The Rain' which is featured in Chevrolet car commercials. The band also have three songs featured on the videogame L.A. Noire. This public exposure to the band has given them renewed popularity in the music world.

Bloody Disgusting Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

"If you like diversity in your music and not knowing what is coming next, this album is for you. It sounds fantastic; each song is beautifully crafted and is faithful to the genre it represents."

The Last Werewolf Trailer - Knopf

The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan and The Real Tuesday Weld

Meet Jake. A bit on the elderly side (he turns 201 in March), but you'd never suspect it. Nonstop sex and exercise will do that for you—and a diet with lots of animal protein. Jake is a werewolf, and after the unfortunate and violent death of his one contemporary, he is now the last of his species. Although he is physically healthy, Jake is deeply distraught and lonely.

'The Last Werewolf' by Glen Duncan

Today marks the publication of our dear friend Glen Duncan's extraordinary new novel 'The Last Werewolf' by Canongate books in the UK. It is his seventh and has been hailed by Nick Cave as 'a brutal, indignant, lunatic howl. A sexy, blood-spattered page-turner, beautifully crafted and full of genuine suspense' and it is garnering rave reviews in the press.

The Real Tuesday Weld | Live |UK

The Real Tuesday Weld

Join The Real Tuesday Weld and Still Moving DJ’s for an evening of music, films, animation, vintage clothes, books & cake.

The Real Tuesday Weld | Event | Café du Nord, SAN FRANCISCO

"Originally inspired by a dream of British 1930s crooner Al Bowlly and American actress Tuesday Weld, Stephen Coates began to create music to try to recreate the sounds he heard in his childhood home – ‘the crackling of radios playing swing and easy listening in some distant room.’ As The Real Tuesday Weld, Coates doesn’t hesitate to put those sounds to subversive use much like some of his most illustrious forebears and influences—such as Serge Gainsbourg and Ennio Morricone."