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What Happens Next? Competition Winner

Thanks for all the entries in our latest competition.  Amazing and funny.  

The winner, after long deliberation,  is Craig van Dort who wrote the following new song featuring Cole and Elsa from LA Noire.  Brilliant.  Well done Craig

A copy of the Surrealist Noir masterpiece Dreams That Money Can Buy with a soundtrack by The Real Tuesday Weld is on its way to you.


Prompt: The Cafe Inglese is oddly vacant. You sit at the bar, and order a drink. You take out your pen, write down a name on a currency note you leave as the tip. The door from the street is roughly opened. Someone approaches and calls out your name. They pull out a gun and point at your head. You don't move a muscle, you're sure that you're dead. You knew they'd find you and now they have you. Now we all need to know what happens next?


"Where else would you be?

I knew I'd find you here".

You keep your back turned,

You know he is near.


The soft light from the street outside

Pours in through the door ajar,

The shadow of his large frame

Is cast across the bar.


"She's with me now. It's time for you to breathe your last".

He pulls back the hammer on his revolver,

There was nowhere left to hide,

But before he can pull the trigger

You hear a shot from outside.


You instinctively stand up,

And he grabs the collar of your coat,

You can hear him breathing heavily

As he presses the cold metal against your throat.


His large, rough hands drag you outside.

In the cold your breath turns to mist,

And by the car's broken window glass,

Stands the girl you once kissed.


Elsa had bruises on her wrists

And a gash on her cheek,

You were glad she was alive,

But she looked very weak.




As she points the gun towards her capturer,

You swing around and hit him in the jaw.

You block his strike and punch again,

The situation was one you've been in before.


In the puddle of rain on the side of the road

You wrestle to the ground and have him in a choke,

Then your heart skips a beat at what happens next,

You barely recognise her behind the curtain of smoke.


He falls limp in your lap,

Red oozing from the side of his head.

While you used to care for your brother,

Now you're glad he is dead.


Standing up from the pavement on that silent, lonely road,

You run to her and hold her in a tight embrace.

This chapter was now over,

It was time to leave this place.


Back in the Cafe the bartender emerged

From behind the bar where he was hid,

He saw the note upon the counter which read:

"Remember me, I'm the Clerkenwell Kid".

by Craig van Dort