Cuckoo Christmas


This year's magical Mystery Musical Christmas card is here. 

Each year for the last 13 Christmases, The Real Tuesday Weld have made a limited edition audio seasonal greetings card for friends. Originally inspired by the annual Christmas record The Beatles made for their fan club in the 1960s, they contain exclusive gifts and tunes that haven’t been released before - some of their best work we think.

The cards are always lovely, cute packages of joy and curiosity but this year’s is truly special. It is a limited edition hand-folded origami present that folds out to reveal a playable mini cd with four songs, a download token for the digital files - and a secret mystery bonus.

There is space for you to dedicate it to someone deserving of your love (and that includes You..) 
Hell, The Real Tuesday Weld will even sign it and send it for you if you like.. let us know when you order


Check out THIS LITTLE FILM to see how the card works

And check out how it sounds below:




The first tune is 'Bathwell Clerkentime’ - the soundtrack for a new animation by Russian maverick genius Alex Budovsky, creator of the international award winning animation for 'Bathtime in Clerkenwell’.  His crazy Clerkenwell Cuckoos have inspired the wonderful origami card designed by Open Mind.

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