A series of events on and about death

1st - 31st October 2022
London's Magnificent Seven Cemeteries

Throughout October 2022 Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation will be hosting The London Month of the Dead, a series of over 50 different events investigating the capital’s relationship with its deceased residents. 

Events will include a visists to stange parts of the city, taxidermy workshops, macabre walking tours and private views and a programme of weekend death talks and performances. Performances will include talks on subjects ranging from murder, battlefields and graveyards to the gothic scientist and witches with performances from The Theatre of Blood and The Shadowgrapher. Each event will feature an authority in a field such as osteology, forensic pathology and the paranormal, who will offer their own perspectives and insights on mortality in the city.

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Each year the London Month of the Dead donates 20% of their ticket revenue to the venue that plays host to each of their events. In 2022 the death events, workshops, walks and concerts will be hosted at Brompton, Highgate, Kensal Green, Abney Park, Nunhead, Tower Hamlets Cemetery and West Norwood. This year we have also been able to include visits to St Bride's and the medieval ossuary at Spitalfields.

The London Month of the Dead has been curated by a Curious Invitation and Antique Beat to inform, entertain and provoke on the subject of death and London cemeteries.

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LMOD would like to thank Darmon Richter for the use of his photo of the catacombs: