Candlelit storytelling with London Dreamtime

Brompton Cemetery
Saturday 10 December, 2016 at 7pm Brompton Cemetery
Price: £6/£8
(25% of proceeds will be donated to the Brompton Cemetery Heritage restoration fund)

Meet at the Brompton Road gates which will be unlocked for fifteen minutes only.

A time machine? Or something more sinister?
Unfasten your doors of perception with an extraordinary tale of occult, magic and secret time machine in Victorian London. What on earth is really inside the Hannah Courtoy Tomb?

Be sure to bring a candle in a jar to guide you as we wander amid the 35,000 graves (a grisly fate awaits any whose feet lead them astray). And remember to dress warmly for an evening that is guaranteed to chill your bones to the very marrow.


The legend that the Courtoy Mausoleum in the cemetery is much more than it seems has been growing for several years. Firstly rumours began to circulate that it is in fact a time machine and more recently the 'psychic researches' of Stephen Coates have described its occult creators and use as part of 'The London Teleportation network’.

London Dreamtime, the capitals premier emersive story tellers, perform eerie, exciting, scary and fantastical stories for adults in London’s hidden corners. They've told stories at the V&A Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, Kensington Palace, National Geographic Store, Southbank Centre, Harrods, Royal Opera House Thurrock, the Royal Festival Hall, Selfridges, Royal College of Music, the British Academy of Arts and Sciences, Guildhall Art Gallery, the Hay Literary Festival and more..

"Storytelling that doesn't care if you're sitting comfortably"- LeCool

"Absolutely spectacular, the audience were hanging on your every word" - Royal Academy of Arts