How Vincent Price Found Love in Kensal Green Cemetery. 
A guided tour with Peter Fuller

Saturday 10th October from 4 pm

PETER FULLER conducts you on a guided tour of Kensal Green Cemetery, with particular reference to its starring role in the 1973 Vincent Price movie, 'Theatre of Blood'. This cult horror classic tells of the life, Death - and Resurrection – of Shakespearean tragic actor Edward Lionheart. 

Tickets £7 including a Hendrick's Gin Cocktail.

Learn about the terrible revenge that Lionheart wreaked on the London critics who gave snooty reviews to his performances of the Bard's works. Visit Lionheart's memorial from the film, as well as the resting place of one of the doomed critics, and discover how Vincent Price found love among the tombstones.

This 45-minute tour starts at 4:00 pm and the first meeting point will be the Dissenters' Chapel.

ABOUT THE FILM Vincent Price declared 1973's Theatre of Blood as his personal favourite of his many horror films, and it's plain to see to why: Price was born to play Edward Lionheart. A much-maligned classical actor, Lionheart is driven to perform a series of elaborate murders in which eight critics who humiliated him are dispatched in manners inspired by Shakespeare’s plays. As bloody as the climax of Hamlet, but mostly played for laughs, Theatre of Blood features Price at his hammy best and a colourful cast of victims who include Robert Morley, Jack Hawkins, Ian Hendry, Diana Dors, and Coral Browne (who would become the third Mrs Price).

PETER FULLER An expert on the life and career of Vincent Price, Peter Fuller won Best Blog at the 2014 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards for The Vincent Price Journal: My First Trip Abroad, which reproduced a 17-year-old Vincent Price’s 1928 travel journal. Peter blogs on The Sound of Vincent Price website, reviews cult movies, books and TV shows on his Kultguy’s Keep blog and works as a magazine writer and sub-editor. He is also the organiser of the Vincent Price London Legacy Tour, which will be held in the capital from 4-8 November 2015. for more information. Aficionados of Vincent Price may like to know that A Curious Invitation's 2015 Halloween Ball will be themed around the Master of the Macabre with recreations of some of his classic horror films including Theatre of Blood, Masque of the Red Death, Last Man on Earth, House of Wax and Edward Scissorhands. Click here for further information.