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Happy Hatter Christmas


We are offering single cards (normally £5.00) and sets of 5 cards (normally £20.00) at a 30% discount.  Sale ends on 8th December.

Following our tradition over several years, Seasons Dreaming's 2014 comes packaged as a beautiful limited edition greetings card containing a mini-cd with five songs plus a download token for the mp3 files.

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The 2014 audio card includes “Hey Miss Policeman” (a song about a cross-dressing law officer); a song called “Forsaken” with our dear friend Marcella Puppini (from this year’s score for the US film ‘Meet Me in Montenegro’); “Cheshire Love Cat Blooze” (does what it says on the tin) and ‘It Came Through the Window” inspired by ‘The Man Who Married Kittens’, the Walter Potter biopic I scored for maverick director Ronni Thomas.

The super cool image is one from the Alice in Wonderband collection by Antique Beat – beautiful cool Greetings Cards and T Shirts featuring Alice and her friends in a psych- rock band (really). With all the other things Antique Beat have on offer, that should really cover your Christmas list right?