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Happy X-Ray Mass Flexi Card


We are offering single cards (normally £5.00) and sets of 5 cards (normally £20.00) at a 30% discount.  Sale ends on 8th December.

Happy X Ray Mass is a beautiful limited edition flexidisk christmas card containing ‘Those Were The Days my Friend’ and 'I Asked the Ash Tree' with our dear friend Marcella Puppini plus a download token for 2, including a specially recorded exclusive track by The Real Tuesday Weld.


The flexi is a phonograph record made of a thin, flexible vinyl (or paper)  sheet with a molded-in spiral stylus groove, and is designed to be playable on a normal phonograph turntable. Developed in communist Russia through the pressing and distribution of (illegal) pop music on old X-Rays (called "Bones”.

Our flexi christmas card follows the amazing success of X Ray Audio the book born out of Stephen’s fascination and collection of “The Strange Story of Soviet Music ‘On the Bone’”