Happy Xmas Audio Card 2017


Following our annual tradition of over ten years, The Real Tuesday Weld’s Seasonal 'Audio Christmas Card' comes packaged as a limited edition greetings card containing a mini-cd with four exclusive tracks and a download token for the digital files.  

The card is now sold out but will be available on iTunes shortly.  In the meantime we made a little video for the lead track BUS STOP LOVE - scroll down to watch it.


Inspired by the Beatles Christmas Fan club records of the 1960s, every year since 2004, The Real Tuesday Weld have produced a limited edition Audio Christmas Card for friends, family and fans. These beautiful little discs have contained unreleased songs, films, messages and spoken word tracks and have become collectors' items. Following a year spent largely in Eastern Europe, this year the theme is Russian. Enjoy magical soundtracks, slightly sour sentimental songs and a strange prose poem to schizophrenia!

Get one for a friend, a lover or just for yourself. Get one signed and addressed. Get a pack of five but most of all, have a very wonderful Christmas.