Live at the End of the World Boxset


The boxset contains various hand-picked items of ephemera, 'The Golden Bird By The River', 'Tales From a Lost City' by The Clerkenwell Kid and a limited edition, gorgeous 'Last Will and Testament' designed by illustrator Catherine Anyango.  Love and death intersect here and this a way to mark the 'Live at the End of your Own World' in the most beautiful way possible. 

Independent - 'Coates's arch-conceptual live album is smooth and sumptuous alike. Way to go'

Q *** - 'Lovey, tender and althogether affecting'

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“Recorded on Valentine’s Eve 2012 – the night before the apocalypse – and beamed back in a dream”.

Stephen was plunged into another psychic whirlwind whose twin axes were the death of his father and the birth of Poppy within in a two week period.

So he decided to write a suite of songs describing the arc of a London soul from before birth to after death.  He couldn’t cram it all in but wanted to cover the matters that seemed important to him at the time:  love, betrayal, dreams, love, death, dreams, jealousy, loss, joy, dreams, drugs, love, death – the usual stuff.  

As ever Stephen commissioned videos: George Fort’s fabulously cute Max Fleisher style animation ‘Kix’ , Eva Vives’ Waltz for One’ (featuring incredible French theatre performer Aurelia Thierre), Catherine Anyango’s soul ascending through London for ‘Blood Sugar Love’ and Ro Rao’s lump-in-the-throat elegy-for-a-dead-friend “Bringing the Body Back Home”.

The boxset comes with bespoke packaging – containing various hand-picked items of ephemera and a limited edition, gorgeous Last Will and Testament designed by illustrator Catherine Anyango.  Love and Death intersect here, and this is a way to mark the End of Your Own World in the most beautiful way possible.  

“Like shadows we are and like Shadows depart“