The Ugly and The Beautiful CD


'The Ugly and the Beautiful' is a song from the album 'I, Lucifer', used in a trailer for the US series 'Nip and Tuck'.

Also included; Senor Coconut’s remix, which is bonkers and The Ugly and The Beautiful Video by Tim Kirby.

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By 2004, Stephen, aka The Real Tuesday Weld, had thrown in his lot with PIAS – then and now one of the biggest European independent labels.
It was a relationship which was to turn rather sour but in those days, it was fabulous and they released several things.

'The Ugly and the Beautiful' is a song from the album 'I, Lucifer'. Everyone thought it might be a hit. Well, everyone apart from me that is (maybe that’s why it wasn’t.) But it did get used in a trailer for the US series 'Nip and Tuck'.
We still love Tim Kirkby’s video shot on 16mm in Hammersmith Town Hall (and included on the disc) – the only one where we have actually lip-synced.
Also included is Senor Coconut’s remix which is bonkers.