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Stephen Coates | Interview | Paris DJs

Stephen Coates (The Real Tuesday Weld) is interviewed here by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs.

Independent on Sunday | Lazarus and The Plane Crash | Horseplay | ****

Lazarus And The Plane Crash 'Horseplay'

Horseplay, whose oversized packaging folds out into a Ouija board, is a peripatetic, eclectic magpie’s nest of styles, with Coles alternating between a badass Beef-heartian blues rasp and a more courtly Cole Porter diction, while Coates provides an alluring cut-and-past backing of vintage found sounds.

Independent on Saturday | Lazarus and The Plane Crash | Horseplay

Lazarus And The Plane Crash 'Horseplay'

Supposedly recorded in boozy single takes, this “collision” between The Real Tuesday Weld’s Stephen Coates and the Guillotines’ Joe Coles is a lusty pile-up of bad-ass blues polkas. Subtle it isn’t, but the reckless racket is bracing and the mock-machowit (“I’m manly, I’m Desperate Danly!”) is leavening. The sleeve is a Ouija board, the noise within might just raise the dead.

Soundsxp Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

The Real Tuesday Weld 'The Last Werewolf'

Like I, Lucifer before it, The Last Werewolf is inspired by a novel by Mancunian author Glen Duncan who stated in interview that The Real Tuesday Weld has “the depressing knack of getting into three verses and a chorus what I’ve just spent 100,000 words on”. The themes on the record are transformation and the loss of what you love (werewolves being such inconsiderate lovers), and it has the right degree of violence, debauchery and decadence, suffused with film noir atmospherics.

God Is In The TV

The Last Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld is rapidly becoming my favourite album of the year, with their “You’re Gonna Live” the best song released this year and “Tear Us Apart” not far behind. I first became aware of the songwriting genius of Mr. Stephen Coates ten years ago when I was running the….

Americana UK Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf – 7/10

“Songs for The Last Werewolf” is an album of music inspired by Glen Duncan’s book of the same title. It sits somewhere between the soundtrack of a non-existent movie, adding atmosphere to the unfilmed scenes, and with the mixture of music and snatches of spoken word – presumably dialogue from the novel – a musical interpretation of the novel. Here though the music tells the story arc by itself that it could stand alone well enough without these additional narrative hints.

Subba-Cultcha Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs For The Last Werewolf - 10/10

Perfect and dazzling latest release from The Clerkenwell Kid and his band of Merry Men – The Real Tuesday Weld –  returning with part-theatrical retelling of the Glen Duncan book, 'The Last Werewolf' and part-mythical-musical mystery tour through genres and rabbit-holes eternal…

Uncut Review | Lazarus and The Plane Crash | Horseplay | ****

Stephen Coates – aka The Real Tuesday Weld – is generally known for his artful rewiring of antique swing 78′s, so the opening track of his soundtrack to Glen Duncan’s novel, a blood-curdling, throat-shedding howlin’ wolfman blues, is something of a departure. Elsewhere “Love Lust Money”, “The Hunt” and “Tear Us Apart” propose a flappertronic marriage between 1920′s darling Anita Loos and the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennanant.

PopMatters Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf - 5/10

PopMatters introduces us to Glen Duncan and his novel 'The Last Werewolf' & Stephen Coates' musical rendering of the latter. This music review, published by the international online magasine, takes a look at the matching public profiles of both author Duncan and artist Coates, and how their literary and musical geniuses combined is a recipe for a heavenly mix!

Soundcheck Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

"Stephen Coates really got into this Last Werewolf project. Maybe a little too into it. Taking Glen Duncan’s novel of the same name as his inspiration, he’s created not only one of my favorite records this year but also a playlist of werewolf songs."