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Lovely Things to Look Forward To

The Real Tuesday Weld in Montenegro

The Real Tuesday Weld in Montenegro

THE REAL TUESDAY WELD's Stephen has scored the wonderful new indie Meet Me in Montenegro with English hearthrob Rupert Friend. 

A Revolution in the Sky

From Hendrix to Hawksmoor, from Whittington to Wikileaks, join a Spy, a Princess, Queens (of both kinds), Rockstars, Revolutionaries..

British Musician Tells Story of Russian Records on Bones - The Moscow Times

X-Ray Audio

In the Soviet Union, Western rock music was once so precious that at least one fan paid for it with his blood, said London musician Stephen Coates...

The Colloquium for Unpopular Culture Presents: X-RAY AUDIO

The Colloquium for Unpopular Culture Presents: X-Ray Audio: The Incredible Story of Bootleg Technology, Cold War Culture and Human Endeavour...

X-Ray Audio | Event | Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York

In a very special unique event, with images, film and sound,  STEPHEN COATES presents a selection of these beautiful & spooky...

X-Ray Audio | Event | The Horse Hospital, London

Antique Beat’s latest production, X-Ray Audio: Soviet Music ‘On the Bone’ (1946 – 1964) is one which has mesmerized many of its viewers...

BBC Radio 3 | The Essay, Just Juvenilia, Stephen Coates

After deciphering some vivid dreams, singer-songwriter Stephen Coates formed a band called... 

The Real Tuesday Weld Facebook Page

The Real Tuesday Weld

Welcome to the official Facebook Page for The Real Tuesday Weld. Be sure to visit for music, videos, photos and touring schedule.

The Real Tuesday Weld | Happy Hatter Christmas EP

Happy Hatter Christmas ep by The Real Tuesday Weld

Happy Hatter Christmas is predominantly a fans-centric affair, its bespoke mixture of randiness, mischief, romance, pathos and intrigue makes for....

Cat On The Wall Review | Lazarus and The Plane Crash | Horseplay

Lazarus And The Plane Crash 'Horseplay'

Every so often you can come across an incredible album by happy coincidence. It’s a rare but delightful occurrence....