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Pitchfork Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | I, Lucifer

I' Lucifer by The Real Tuesday Weld

With I, Lucifer, Coates, under nom-de-chanson (The Real) Tuesday Weld, draws the listener deep into a scratchy, sepia-toned fantasy that first suggests the gap between boozy, swinging ragtime, sophisticated lounge poetics, and innovative beat technique, then bridges it in one swooning swoop.

Pitchfork Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Where Psyche Meets Cupid

Where Psyche Meets Cupid

”In a quixotic attempt to recapture the wafting and ephemeral quality of the prohibition-day records he was exposed to in his youth, Coates has tacked big band samples onto electronic beats and backgrounds, laying down breathy vocals and glib lyrics over the hybrid. And in the end, Where Psyche Meets Cupid is a 15-track concept album of stuff that, surprisingly, doesn't suck.”