Beau Brummel with Ian Kelly - 32 Londoners 2014

Ian Kelly on BEAU BRUMMEL - Dandy, b.1778, St. James

On May the 1st 2014, the EDF Energy London Eye hosted a unique event where each of its 32 capsules was given over to a talk by a well-known authority on a famous Londoner. To commemorate the occasion, this podcast series has been made of all the talks.

Beau Brummell’s (St James's 1778) life is a riveting story of unparalleled fame, fashion and admiration followed by a descent into poverty and madness. The man who put Savile Row on the map, who could win friends, political arguments or the favours of women with apparent effortlessness, and who was responsible for some of the wittiest put-downs in history, Brummell created the myth of the British gent typified by wit, style, sex, and the finest tailoring in the world.

Ian Kelly is a bestselling author and award winning biographer and actor. His latest work, in collaboration with Dame Vivienne Westwood, is her authorised biography, out later this year. He lives in London.