Seasons Dreamings 2012 – red



1. Snowball preview
2. Blackbird Day preview
3. Spring Heeled Jane preview
4. Torched Song preview
5. Last Light preview

Seasons Dreamings 2012 was last years mini-album Christmas Card by The Real Tuesday Weld.
Following our tradition over several seasons, it comes packaged as a beautiful limited edition greetings card containing a mini-cd with five songs plus a download token for the mp3 files.
This year it comes in two options with different artwork: BLUE WOLF CITY and RED WOLF COUNTRY

The beautiful full coloured folding card artwork allows you to address the card to someone deserving of your love. Each comes with an envelope and can be signed on request. Sets of eight are available in an Antique Beat bundle with four of each design.

This is the fifth in our series of seasonal audio greetings cards.  The others can be seen here:
Previous years’ greetings cards are available:
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Antique Beat products are despatched within 2 working days and delivered by Royal Mail. For terms & conditions and postal rates please go here

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