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Word Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

We love a madly ambitious art project. On this album, Stephen Coates’ art-jazz ensemble provides mistletoe-free music and lycanthropic lyrics to accompany Glen Duncan’s self-explanatory novel The Last Werewolf. Its quite brilliant. Oh, and Piney Gir guests on the album. How circular.

Crammed Discs Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

The Real Tuesday Weld's album 'The Last Werewolf' takes Glen Duncan's novel as the backdrop for a widescreen emotional cabaret tailor-made for the iTunes generation, for the album is both a high-concept soundtrack plus a diverse playlist for the eclectic of ear and heart, all held within the band's own genre 'Antique Beat'.

BBC Radio 4's Front Row | The Real Tuesday Weld & Glen Duncan

Front Row’s Kirsty Lang talks to Glen Duncan and Stephen Coates about The Last Werewolf – broadcast on Tues 16th Aug.

Fangoria Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs For The Last Werewolf

The Lat Werewolf by The Real Tuesday Weld

"The album tracks cover a spectrum of styles, from ’30s ballads to gypsy jazz, electro-swing and torch song to minimal electronica, and feature an array of guest vocalists including Joe Coles, Marcella Puppini (Puppini Sisters), Piney Gir and Pinkie Maclure (Pumajaw). In addition, several cuts feature dialogue from the novel, with Duncan among those lending his voice talents."

Bloody Disgusting Review | The Real Tuesday Weld | Songs for The Last Werewolf

"If you like diversity in your music and not knowing what is coming next, this album is for you. It sounds fantastic; each song is beautifully crafted and is faithful to the genre it represents."